Our basic five stage process

1. Carpets hoovered using
a specialised vacuum to remove any dry soils from and underneath the carpet.

2. We apply a solution suited to your carpet type
that will break down the soils.

3. Agitation is then applied using the latest machines
to loosen the soils from the fibres, helping to restore
the pile.

4. Hot water extraction is then used to rinse and lift
soil from your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.

5. We then use our specialised, optional air blowers to aid the air circulation and speed the drying process.


"Nice and neat, I am very happy with their work on our carpets!"
Joanne Eastwood, Doncaster, 2015

"Recommended - fast and clean job!"
Mr T Hallam, Cudworth, 2014

"Very satisfied - saved me £200 on a new carpet!"
Rebecca Williamson, Haworth, 2012

"Extremely satisfied, highly recommended - we will definitely have you back in the future."
Rossington Top Club, Doncaster, 2011

"We booked Splash to clean three floors of our call centre and were extremely pleased with the results. The girls were very polite and co-operative."
Close Motor Finance, Doncaster, 2011

"Thank you very much we will use you again!"
Sentry Doors, Carcroft, 2011

"Fantastic lass! I'll have you back to do my upholstery!"
Ship Inn, Newington, 2011

"I would like to thank Splash for a great job. I was so overwhelmed with the results of the carpet cleaning you helped me with. I sincerely believed that our heavily stained carpet was unredeemable."
Anne Anderson, Doncaster, 2010

"I never realised how dirty my carpet was until Splash came and cleaned it. The difference was unbelievable, now my carpet looks like brand new again."
Garath Long, Doncaster, 2010

Splash did a fantastic job with my carpet. They were quick, professional, efficient and left my carpet looking practically new."
Matt Cropper, Doncaster, 2010